Lightbenders is proud to present our pulse rifle counter board.  Designed with the assistance of pulse rifle expert Matsuo, this professionally-designed and  manufactured board is the ultimate in pulse rifle upgrades.

Features include:

  • Small form factor:  1.9″ x 1.15″
  • Pre-drilled holes match the mounting plates of most pulse rifles
  • Simulated “short magazine” loading (counts down from 99 to 95 on load)
  • Magazine counter reset capability
  • 5-second push-and-hold counter reset (for those not using a magazine reset)
  • 10 rounds per second countdown on trigger hold (simulating 600 rps Thompson machine gun)
  • Off-board on / off switch for maximum flexibility of placement
  • Professionally manufactured circuit board using fiberglass FR4 stock, soldermask over bare copper (top & bottom), plated thru holes, solder-able finish, and silkscreen
  • All parts used are first grade, new, manufacturers product meeting the full manufacturers specification.

$90. U.S. shipping included. International buyers, please contact us for an adjusted price including shipping. Ships in 2-3 weeks. Customizable programing available (different countdown number start, different rps, etc.) at an additional charge.

5 Responses to “Pulse rifle board”

  1. Tyler says:

    Is this compatible with Hyperdyne Labs’ soundboard?

  2. Lightbender says:

    I can’t answer that because I do not know the requirements of Hyerdyne’s board.

    There are a couple of uncommitted connections that might serve that purpose.

    — Lightbender

  3. Logan says:

    Hello there, i know it has probably been a while since this page has gotten a new comment, but I was wondering if this ammo counter could ever be hooked up to a IR sensor like the SnowWolf Pulse Rifle Ammo counter board. Trying to build another pulse rifle but sourcing a new ammo counter is not as easy as it was say back in 2010. Just wondering if it could be done.

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