3 Responses to “Egyptian Sliders’ Timer Test Video”

  1. Quinn Mallory says:

    cool video, i must ask tho.. why is the egyptian timer running the original timers signature power up preamble?, what happened to the 52:52:52, 25:25:25 egyptian timer boot up?

    how much is this going to cost when its made available?

  2. Mark says:

    Not to sound to much like a kid here but HOW FRIGGIN COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL IS THIS! Ok breathe……in…out…in…out… No, i cant contain myself it really is just to COOOOOOOOOL

    Ok im done, im gonna go have a sit down…

  3. Red Ranger says:

    i HAD to watch this again…( for the 5000th time this year) after just now reviewing the updates.. i want an original sooo bad!, but i still must say for everything ive witnessed theres only 1 word to describe what has happened here… “HERO”!!

    i may even pick myself up a mug, lol.. keep up the good work!

    go slide!

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